Tuesday, May 8, 2018

February 9

2014: We are under contract with the house on Bryan Circle! Amazed and hoping it all goes well and goes through. Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings that abound. Most especially for family. We are praying, James is fasting that this is the right thing for our family. We feel good about it.
2015: Had a productive cleaning day. Anne's baby is sick. He doesn't sound too good - RSV. She came to dinner and Papa Granny and Ted. Kind of hectic and Scout wanted to hold conrad but he was sick so she was very angry that she couldn't.
2016: Lucas and Joe have been reading Peter Pan. They have a cute relationship and a connection I haven't seen Joe have with any of the other grandchildren. James and I went climbing tonight. Scout still loves Desmond so much and is not resentful.
2017: Lucas had bike camp and James went with him. It's been a good chance for those two to spend time together. They usually go out to diner after. James took Lucas to a town hall meeting and Lucas raised his hand to share his ideas for a play for State Street. Wish I was there to see it!
2018: Cortney took Scout and Elsa skiing so I watched Mia and Des. It was warm so we went to the park. Des liked being in charge of Mia (meemers). I got my haircut 4 inches felt good. Went to the temple with James. Good time with him. 

February 8

2014: We both woke up this morning not feeling good about our house offer. Turns out it wasn't accepted - good news. Found a new house, better location, much more space with lots of projects. Love it. Put an offer and verbal offer has been accepted!! Exciting, grateful, hopeful.
2015: The weather has been a little unnerving lately. No snow in the valley and warm days (60 degrees) I went biking on shoreline on Saturday with the rest of SLC and there wasn't even a speck of mud. A beautiful sunny day today too. Played at the park.
2016: It's kind of sad how busy Lucas is just with school. I don't see him much these days it feels like. Joe is reading Peter Pan to him which is great but I kind of miss my time reading to him at night. Finn is learning how to read.
2017: I was in charge of New Beginnings tonight for our ward with my advisor Jacque. Glad to have her and all her help. Trisha did an amazing job with her talk. I'm excited for this new set of girls coming into Young Women. Also glad tonight is all done!
2018: I've lost tough pretty completely with Hilary. Kate is back in the picture now that she has a baby and they've become close again, which I'm happy for them. Life just goes through phases. I'm deep in it with my kids right now, but my family is my #1 so it works. A little hurt that it feels like our friendship doesn't mean as much to her as it does to me.

February 7

2014: We put an offer in on a house today. Seems kind of crazy and we haven't looked way long but it's a cute home and a good price that we'd be excited about. Lucas called me stupid at the grocery store and screamed at me and punched me in the bum. He's getting a rotten attitude, but then he helped Finn get his Jammies on.
2015: I've been staying up way too late lately. Partly books to blame What Alice Forgot and The Thornbirds but I also get a second wind at night. Lucas has started reading Harry Potter and he loves it. Fun for me.
2016: We blessed Desmond today. We are so grateful for him and that James and I love each other, our kids and Heavenly Father. I feel like we have a home where the spirit dwells (for the most part) and I'm grateful it can be a source of peace for our family. Blessing was really nice. He is a loved baby.
2017: Today Scout told me that "Jesus forgot to give her a sister." ha! I was feeling very tempted to get pregnant right away! Luckily he gave her 3 brothers. Desmond is saying lots of animal sounds and train sounds, snake, elephant, lion, monkey, dog, fish. He's a smarty.
2018: I was feeling a bit overwhelmed today with YW and mom-ing etc. Finn had a really great Parent Teacher conference and I saw what an amazing writer he has become. We went to Baskin Robbins to celebrate. Finn also fell and scraped his knee badly and was sad about that. Lucas went to the Nicklecade with Franky.

February 6

2014: Looked at houses again this evening. Takes a lot of time but exciting. Anxious to get out of this house and move on now. Still sad to leave the street and neighborhood though. Glad tomorrow is Friday. Thinking of looking for a part time job.
2015: James went biking and worked out today. I was feeling a little jealous until a good run with Scout in the stroller. We had friends over and ate and gamed. James did an amazing New Jersey accent (not!) - good laugh.
2016: We are blessing Desmond tomorrow. Spent some time getting ready today. I want him to know how loved he is and what a special blessing he is to our family. And to know he is known and loved individually to God and learn how to receive personal revelation through prayer and faith in Christ, listening to the Holy Ghost.
2017: FHE. Wrote love Valentines to people. Lucas to Des, "Dear Desmond. I like the way you talk and walk. I like it when you do your eyebrow face, and when you laugh. You may be hard but are a very important part of our family. But there is one thing you can do, that is not have smelly diapers. Sincerely, Lucas." Finn wrote one to our neighbor Carol and Jack a friend from school.
2018: I feel like I can't get out of my house in the morning with Scout and Desmond before 10:30. What's with that? They had swim lessons then scout had a play date. I invited my family for dinner. mark and Scott and faeth and family came. Nice to spend some time with them. Crazy with all the kids.

February 5

2014: Woke up bright and early with Scout. Went up to my mom's to get the boys and snuggled them for awhile (mostly Finn, Lucas was too busy). Back to the pace of real life again welcomed by lots of laundry, mail, and a house we have to move out of.
2015: James shaved his beard. He had a presentation to raise money for Granary Row projets today and he said it went well. He's feeling a bit stressed about being able to give Urban Alfandre and Kentlands Initiative enough time to be successful. Lots of prayers for him.
2016: Sort of felt sorry for myself after I spent the morning cleaning the house then everyone left to go skiing and I stayed home with Scout and Desmond. Not worth it though - I can make my own happiness regardless of situations- or express my needs.
2017: James and I had out couples council and talked about how we can do better at bed time with Scout. Thinking of moving her upstairs so all 3 aren't in the same room. Glad for this time to discuss with Hames and work out problems together. Grateful our relationship is strong right now.
2018: I went to Lucas' basketball game with the family tonight. I loved watching him play and work hard and get into the game. It was fun to watch James coach too. He was pretty passionate.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

February 4

2014: Last day. Sad to leave but so excited to see the boys. Went to the beach alone in the am after James surfed and read and played in the water and did some mini meditations then went back and got ready to go. It was an awesome trip and really good company. Everyone got along so well and it was kind of fun having the 3 babies. Strollers and surf boards.
2015: Been climbing more and got my first V4 at this gym. Felt proud of myself! Finally caught up with Katie S., sounds like she is doing better. She's a good friend and easy to talk to and glad I got to connect with her.
2016: Lucas is the sweetest boy and I love him dearly but we butt heads sometimes and I feel like he is rude to me, ungrateful, or entitled. But then I wonder if I put too much pressure on him and me to get it "right" when we are both doing our best.
2017: Yesterday I ran down all of little cottonwood canyon to get my 8 miles and my legs are paying for it. Worse than anticipated! We lounged around most of the morning then I took Lucas and Finn skiing. They were so cute together and each helped the other out at different times.
2018: Sunday. The kids were so happy playing together this morning for nearly 2 hours. Making forts, playing on the tramp, etc. All of them together and it made me so happy and grateful. Glad for a sunday to refocus and recommit to what matters most. Lucas bore his testimony of Christ today in sacrament meeting.

February 3

2014: Last full day in Costa Rica. I miss our boys like crazy and I'm anxious to get home to them. It's been fun having this time with Scout and will be precious memories of her sweet little baby trip with us. Lots of beach time and surfing today. James fell asleep early so went to bed.
2015: A good example of Scout and Lucas differences. Scout wanted to play with the vacuum cleaner while I cleaned today. She tried sucking her palms and hands and laughed when I sucker her tummy. Lucas cried about the noise and was scared of the vacuum at that age.
2016: Hosted Scouts preschool group today. She loved being in charge and being my special helper. She is really freindly and was looking forward to her friends coming over all morning. The bouncy chairs and mini trampoline are everyone's favorite activities.
2017: James is sick. He got a cold on top of a cold. Sometimes I am not the most compassionate when it comes to sicknesses with him but I tried to be much more thoughtful this time. WE took the kid to after 3:00 at Alta.
2018: I have my struggles with scout and maybe I'm too hard on her and get frustrated too quickly. It's been on my mind and I"ve prated over it and I think I need to show her my love in more abundance. I watched James do that coincidentally with her today after she was difficult and in time out and she did so well.